Brand Development and Strategy

Lots of startups and small business owners have passion and experience, but they often lack a cohesive brand. That’s where I can help, assembling the pieces to create a modern brand that you can build on and use every day. During brand development, we’ll dissect your business to discover what makes your offering marketable. This may sound a little abstract, but ultimately it will give you the language and tools to market your brand to the world.

Identity Design

These days, a logo is not enough — you need an identity that reaches farther, does more, works across different platforms, and reflects your business from top to bottom. Identity design encompasses typography, colour usage, language, patterns, icons, cultural trends, and all manner of design communication. Though, yes, I can design you a logo too. In fact, I love logos!

Graphic Design

The day-to-day of business means communicating visually. While the era of the brochure may be over, we are still faced with the need for eye-catching designs across a variety of media such as trade show booths, multimedia presentations, invitations and events materials, published content, infographics, signage, and digital media. Maybe even a brochure. I started my career in traditional graphic design and it is my first love, so I’ll ensure your graphics are both visually striking and clearly communicate your brand.

Packaging Design

Does your product stand out on the shelves? It better, otherwise people aren’t going to buy it! In bringing a product to market, packaging must be at the core of your process, not an afterthought. Let me help with packaging strategy and design. We’ll determine your goals and get to work on creating something that stands out. In a good way, of course.

Web Design and Social Media

It’s the twenty-first century; you need a website. You needn’t go crazy with widgets and plug-ins, but your web presence should reflect your overall brand, staying true to your design sensibilities and voice. That’s one of my specialties. We’ll map out a strategy and determine what type of website you need. If necessary, we’ll team up with some real web nerds and build something awesome. Of course, your website isn’t the only point of contact in this new age; there’s also social networking, online media, blogs, content partnerships, and mobile. Together, we’ll bring your brand into the future using a cohesive strategy that fits your needs.

Design Consulting & Direction

Have an existing design team but need an expert eye? With over ten years experience in graphic design, branding, web, and packaging design, I’m happy to collaborate with your existing team and bring an outside perspective to whatever challenges you’re facing.