Prescott Perez-Fox
Prescott Perez-Fox, photo by William George Wadman

I grew up in New Jersey, where my early design influences ran the gamut from Calculus to comic books. Growing up slightly, I earned degrees from Drexel University in Philadelphia and England’s University for the Creative Arts. Since then, my career has taken me around the world to positions in-house and with agencies in places like Philadelphia, New York, and London, focusing on print and web design. Fortune has allowed me to work in a variety of industries including fashion and finance, and to win a few accolades here and there.

My real passion is working with small businesses on brand strategy, identity design, and packaging. Using patterns and shapes from my science-and-math background, I strive to create simple, eye-catching designs that reflect the company’s brand and personality.

In addition to blogging about design and branding since 2006, I play rugby, run marathons, and swing dance in my off-hours. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I perform all my own stunts.

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